Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We invinte you to become a member of the Diversity Foundation team and support our outreach

I tried posting this on our facebook page but facebook will only let me post a few words and I have a lot to say from time to time -- so I started this blog.

I've been doing a lot of work lately - mainly building the Diversity Foundation website. For those of you who wish to check it out - go to:   http://diversityfoundation.org

The U.S. Marine Corps and the Toys For Tots Program
Deliver Toys to Needed Children. The Diversity Foundation was there to help.

It's almost Christmas and we will be working once again with the U.S. Marines and the Toys For Tots program. I encourage everyone to donate to Toys For Tots because I hear they're behind in their collecting.

A few hotels in the South Eastern part of Minnesota has donated several rooms of furniture to us which we will be taking to the Crow Creek Reservation as well as a few other places maybe.

Delivering Much Needed Furniture to the People of
the Crow Creek Indian Reservation.


We have also been blessed to have received over 3,000 pounds of food from Frito Lay -- which is also earmarked for Crow Creek. To read more a please go to our website. The good news is we have had two trailers donated to us that are full and ready to be delivered. Two tractors were given to us to be used this month, we have volunteers and we have drivers and we have insurance - donated to us by the city of Winona Minnesota.

Frito Lay collected over 3,000 pounds of food to be delivered
to the Crow Creek Indian Reservation by the Diversity Foundation.

But we still need to raise money for fuel. Those semi-trucks are most difficult to push so fuel would be nice. So if anyone would like to help us help, I would like to introduce you to something I call "Membership."

We are looking for who are willing to support us in our work by making a one-time donation or - better still - a monthly pledge by becoming a member of the Diversity Foundation. You'll be part of the team. When we do something good to help people it'll be like you're right there with us helping people as well. It's bound to give you that warm fuzzy feeling.

Some of the people from the Crow Creek Community show off their new toys.


To become a member go to:


We appreciate your help as do the hundreds (thousands?) of people that we help every year.

Thank you for your support.





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